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LIN YI JIN SHENG YUAN NEW ENERGY CO,.LTD. is committed to new energy technology research and development and sales, Our company has advanced professional RESEARCH and development team and complete industrial chain support in the field of new energy, can be tailored to customer needs high-quality products, to provide professional services. The products are mainly applied in two fields of power and energy storage. The raw materials and battery cells are supplied by Gotion High-tech Co.,Ltd. Power is mainly commercial and passenger vehicles; Energy storage system mainly includes household energy storage and large-scale commercial or industrial energy storage. After years of operation and development, We also have high attainments on the utilization and development of echelon batteries. From the customer's point of view, we provide the best solution for them, produce more cost-effective products, bring customers professional service experience.

Adhering to the business philosophy of quality and excellence, integrity and professionalism, we firmly believe that we can open up a bigger overseas market in the field of new energy. We look forward to win-win cooperation with you in the future and seek common development in the future.

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