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Jinshengyuan Energy Research and Development Center was established by Linyi Jinshengyuan New Energy Co., LTD in 2022. It has several laboratories, including incoming material inspection laboratory, physical and chemical analysis laboratory, battery pilot line, battery performance testing laboratory, etc., covering the main links from lithium material testing and research, experimental battery production to finished battery performance testing. Focus on the development of environmental protection, high performance, high safety lithium ion battery products.
At present, the equipment and fixed assets investment of the research and development center has reached more than 3 million yuan, with atomic absorption spectrophotometer, laser particle size analyzer, specific surface area analyzer, conductivity meter, digital PH meter, trace moisture detector, universal tension machine, salt spray testing machine and other perfect lithium material testing equipment. As well as precision transfer experimental coater, high precision continuous rolling machine, ultrasonic welding machine, semi-automatic battery winding machine and other advanced lithium electric experimental equipment, can provide excellent hardware environment for research and development work.

Jinshengyuan Energy Research and Development Center adheres to the market-oriented, technology development and innovation, scientific and technological achievements transformation for the purpose of work, in the process of independent innovation has established a set of "market - scientific research - production" as the core of the operation mechanism, including process technology, product standards and testing, lithium materials application and other fields of research.

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